Lib Dems back tenants over Housing Benefit

Local Liberal Democrats in Northumberland have welcomed the Court of Appeal's judgement which found in favour of tenants unduly penalised by the bedroom tax for having a 'spare room' which was found to be essential to their home life.
Berwick Liberal Democrats, led by General Election candidate Julie Pörksen, have been vociferous in their opposition to the bedroom tax since its inception. Julie has played a key role in creating the new national Lib Dem policy on social housing to combat the negative impact of the bedroom tax. 
Julie Pörksen commented:
"Humanity and common sense have won today. The Court of Appeal has actually treated the tenants as real people who have different needs, unlike the Government to whom they seem to be just a number.
"Many more tenants should now see their own situation reviewed as a result of this judgement.
"The bedroom tax has especially damaging effects in rural areas with a limited social housing market. I am concerned that Conservative plans to sell off social housing will just make it even more difficult for people to rent affordable homes in the future.
"Until the precedent set by this Court ruling helps reduce the bedroom tax for more tenants, I urge all Councils to both promote and use their discretionary funds in order to help those who most need support." 
The Conservative Government have decided to appeal against the Court's ruling, leaving tenants fearful for their future as this case continues.

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